How: did it start? How did it end? How did it change over time?

(1) The Aztecs or Mexicas migrated from their homeland Aztlan to the south of Mexico by the order of their God Huitzilopochtli (war god). They have to find a place which has an eagle perching on a snake on a cactus but it didn't happen (2) until they found the sign of their god and started to build cities. They continued and the Aztec Empire began. (1) The Mexico City now was called Tenochtitlan City founded by the Aztecs. As time goes by they became more and more powerful. They controlled many areas that surround it and had some alliance. The Empire continues to expand until it extended between Guatemala and the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. (2) But even though they're strong, they also encounter problems along the way like the conflict of cultures. (3) Some precious cultural artefacts of the Aztec were destroyed. Twelve years after the Spaniards destroy the Aztec Empire, it also conquered the Inca Empire of Peru which leads to the end of American indigenous civilization. As the result of this, they can only show a little of their culture. The only thing that can witness their vivid past is the Great Pyramid Mounds.