The Aztecs were a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican people of central Mexico in the 14th – 16th centuries. Aztecs refer to themselves Mexica. The republic of Mexico and its capital, Mexico city, derive their names from the word “Mexica” (

Aztecs have a rich culture. The Aztec Art was basically a way to express their religion and also a way of paying tribute to their Gods. Many forms of Aztec Art were used to help in communication. The beautifully crafted designs are still adored today. Aztec art can still be seen on the walls of their temples and within their ancient artifacts. (

There are different themes in ancient Aztec art. Many of their art represented insects, birds, fish and animals. A lot of the Aztec art that was preserved was related to their religion. The Aztec gods were often characterized, and sometimes even resembled as animals of different kinds. The drawing of the gods were often sharp and angular , and are brightly colored. Their art often show gods, or priests dressed as gods in a ritual, or Aztec warriors in their finery. (
Second part of their culture was their music.Aztec music was a definite and important part of their life. Music was not only used as a way of enjoyment or relaxation, it’s also a way of passing on their culture, of sharing their views in religion, and making an emotional connection on what happens in their life.There are types of Aztec music. Many of these songs were sacred hymns. These commemorate the deeds of great rulers or their gods. The sacred hymns often tell stories about accomplishments of their Gods and they also use these hymns to ask God for rain or success in battle, or even to thanks God for their gifts. (
Third part of the Aztec culture was their Language.The Aztec language was called N’ahuatl. Pictures are used as their ‘alphabet’. The Aztecs had hundreds of different symbols to use in heir vocabulary. Nouns were drawn as they are—cat as a cat, fish as a fish, and so on. They joined pictures together to form a sentence, and used the to write stories and keep track of their civilization. Aztecs also had books called Codices. Books were long strips of paper that folded like an accordian. The book cover would most often be a piece of wood. (
Aztec writing was not developed enough to express the ideas or expressions. Aztec symbols were in the form of hieroglyphs.Even though the Aztec alphabet was not fully established, poetry was a significant aspect of the culture. Their poetry was considered to be the greatest form of art in the culture. (
Aztec Food is like the food modern Mexico eats today. Their food were often spicy and rich. Their major food was a corn-meal pancake which is like the modern tortilla.
Some Aztecs go hunting to get some meats like geese, ducks, deer, etc. They only raised dogs and turkeys for their meat. Aztecs also need fruits and vegetables to eat. Maize is the most important vegetable. It was also used to produce different kinds of foods. Tortilla shells are an example of a different kind of food made of maize. (
Their clothes were often made of beautiful fabric.The Aztec women were responsible for making Aztec clothes. Aztec Jewelry were also an important part of the Aztec clothing. (
The Aztecs had many beliefs. They believed that the sun was their savior and that it was alive. They also believed that if they feed the sun with blood, the sun will rise. They believed in 13 heavens and 9 hells.
Aztecs respected their Gods so much. They build beautiful temples with great efforts to please them. Their religion basically influenced their art and music. (
The Aztec government was different from other systems of government. It was like a system of tribute which the captured cities paid respect to the empire. In return, the cities increased their ability to trade goods. In addition to respecting the King, the cities also paid tribute in the form of money. This way, the Aztec order became rich and powerful. Tenochtitlan was the capital city of the Aztec empire. Therefore, most aztec leaders and nobles lived in the city. (