Nicole - What and Why
Eunice - How
Maritoni - Where
Camille - When
Carlo - Who

Okay, Friends! Let's do this! =)

PAS! What will the travel agency name be? We, unfortunately, still haven`t decided what name to use. So, Let`s move! What`s our name? =)))

PAS! I thought it would be easier for us to do this project with the 'WHAT TO DO' stuffs here. So i decided to copy the things we need for our written output here. I COPIED THIS ONE FROM THE PDF FILE MS. JORDAN GAVE US. =)

Who: is your society?
What: defines them? What is their culture like? What food do they eat? What do they wear?
What do they do for jobs, fun, etc... What is their religion? What type of Government do they
have? These are all the types of things you should include in written component and some of
them would also be things that people travelling to the area would want to know as visitors.
When: did this society begin? When did it end? When were significant key events? When was it
at its peak? When was it at its worst?
Where: was it located? This is where you have to include a map (this does not count as a page of
your paper, this is separate. Please include in your paper where it was located then and now.
Why: did this society end? Why did it start? Why is it the way it is... why that religion, beliefs
system, culture, etc...
How: did it start? How did it end? How did it change over time?

What do you think of the informations on these sites?
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